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      Mr. Gable has successfully represented students charged with all types of crimes including: sex crimes, gun charges, drug dealing and possession to underage drinking, false identification, and shoplifting.

​      Mr. Gable has also successfully represented many types of students including: medical students, dental students, law students, nursing students, graduate students, college students, high school students, and even grade school students.
     These case are often complicated and may cause severe collateral punishment for the student including: expulsion, future impact on professional license or career, Title IX investigations, school discipline, fraternity/sorority discipline, and impact on federal loans.  It is imperative to investigate these cases and obtain and present as much mitigation as possible. 


  • Not guilty verdict for college student charged with Class X Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault.  Client was facing 6-30 years in prison and mandatory sex offender registration.  Was able to present a successful alibi defense at trial to prove that the accusations were false.

  • Acquittal for Depaul College student charged with battery for an alleged altercation outside a restaurant/bar.  Was able to demonstrate that complaining witness could not possibly identify the defendant as his attacker.

  • No criminal conviction and no registration as a sex offender for Chicago college student charged with criminal sexual abuse.

  • Finding of not guilty for high school student with plans on joining the Marines who was charged with speeding 40 m.p.h. over the speed limit, 625 ILCS 5/11-601.5.

  • All charges dismissed for medical student arrested for retail theft ("shoplifting") from Skokie area Mariano's grocery store.     

  • Obtained misdemeanor supervision for college student charged with Felony Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Firearm.  Client was facing prison sentence but after extensive investigation and negotiation, he avoided a criminal conviction and will be eligible to expunge his arrest record.

  • Obtained "TASC" probation for Chicago college student who was arrested for allegedly selling large quantities of LSD, heroin, and marijuana from his dorm room.  Campus security, school administrators, and the Chicago police extensively searched his dorm room and interrogated fellow students.  Client was expelled and charged with Class 1, Possession of a Controlled Substance With Intent to Deliver and facing 4 to 15 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.  This result will result in the charges being dropped after the probation terms are satisfied.

  • Obtained juvenile probation for high school varsity athlete charged with Class X, Armed Robbery with a Firearm, 720 ILCS 5/18-2.  Client was originally charged as an adult and was facing a minimum 21 year prison sentence. 

  • Dismissal for Chicago college student arrested and charged with stalking.

  • Dismissal for medical student, law student, and college student arrested for drug possession.

  • Dismissal for high school student arrested and charged with marijuana possession.

  • Dismissal for juvenile student accused of selling drugs in grade school.

  • Order of protection withdrawn on day of hearing for individual accused of stalking former college classmate.

  • Dismissal in Skokie for Northwestern University college students arrested for possession of fake I.D.

  • Avoided expulsion after hearing for high school student allegedly involved in felony aggravated battery of another student that was allegedly videotaped and posted online.

  • Avoided expulsion for student charged charged with battery/bodily harm.

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